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PostSubject: Online Racing Code of Conduct   Online Racing Code of Conduct I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 14, 2009 4:04 pm

All participating drivers are required to read and abide by the terms described in this Code of Conduct statement. Failure to read the Code of Conduct in no way releases responsibility from adhering to the Code of Conduct when participating in a TPRA event or posting to a TPRA forum thread .
As a participating driver, it is your responsibility to read, understand, and abide by these conditions.

For rules and guidelines pertaining to the www.TunersPit.com forum and web site, please refer to the Terms of Service Agreement.

1. Representing Tuners Pit as a participating driver in online events.

Tuner’s Pit is an organization that believes in honor and integrity as a basis for clean, fun, competitive and respectful online racing.
To that end, on track bashing, ramming ,blocking or any intentional action that is designed to impede another driver’s progress, or cause them to go off the track is not permitted.
This includes but is not limited to, draft dodging; bump drafting,forcing another driver off the road either by
squeezing them out or through contact intentional or not, brake checking, or stopping on the racing surface.
The driver must keep at least two wheels on the same side of his car in contact with or in alignment vertically with
the racing surface to include copings and curbs at all times. If there is no curb or coping at the edge of the track
the painted line will be considered the boundary and at least two tires on the car must remain in contact with the
line or in vertical alignment above it.

During online events cars may occasionally drift onto the run off areas into barriers or off the racing surface
completely. In these cases it is the drivers responsibility to re-enter the racing surface as quickly and as cleanly as
Rejoining the racing surface after leaving is to be done as to not impede approaching racers or force them off the
racing line.

Off the track, Tuner's Pit operates and maintains threads in the PSN.
These threads are used to promote the events and offer a place for drivers to share and gather information pertaining
to those events.
These threads are considered within the scope of the TPRA’s Code of Conduct and in addition to the rules set forth by
the individual forum administrators the TPRA Code of conduct applies when posting in those threads.
Comments and suggestions for the current event or future events, or to report on a drivers conduct should be made
using the drivers surveys.
By using the survey forms you ensure that TPRA officials will see your comments quickly and will act on them

2. Event rules, timely starts, and problem resolution.

When taking part in any event, it is expected that the driver take the time to read and fully understand the posted rules and conditions for said event prior to start time; thus eliminating unnecessary delays at the beginning of the event by repeatedly reviewing and explaining rules that should have already been read.The rules for the event will be posted prior to the start of any event; requests for clarification should be asked of the event host in the drivers meeting held before each event.

Any disputes or problems that may arise during an event must be addressed in a respectful manner. At no time is it acceptable to yell at or confront another participant regarding an issue; the TPRA Administrators are here to help, please let us.
If an issue should arise,and you are on a VOIP server ask any Server Administrator in the room if you could speak to them in a private channel, (Administrators's are identified by a “SA”next to their names) then wait for the Administrator to take you to the appropriate channel for discussion.
The Administrator may bring both involved parties in the same room for discussion, or choose to hear both sides separately.
If both parties involved are brought into the same room by the Administrator, you will be given an opportunity to explain your position. However, please do so in a respectful manner without shouting or being abusive.
Both parties will have the opportunity to express their side of the issue. The Administrator will then take the appropriate steps to resolve the issue in a fair and responsible manner.If an issue should arise and you simply wish to remain anonymous or do not have the ability to use a VOIP service. There is a comment box attached to the event survey for each event. Expressing your concerns there will prompt an immediate response.

3. Contact and incidents while racing.

If at any time during a race event there is contact between 2 cars and one or both cars crash out or are otherwise taken off the road, each driver involved is expected to asses immediatly whether the contact was one of 2 things, your fault or a race incident/accident that was unavoidable.
If a driver caused contact and an incident occurrs, or even believes he caused contact and an incident, it is his duty to drop his speed, avoid the fast racing line as best as possible and allow the other driver involved to regain his position.
It is also the responsibility of the driver who may have been taken out to get back on the track and up to speed as quickly as possible, so as to not be unfair to anyone who may be waiting for that car to regain its position.
Ghost cars are to be treated ALWAYS as solid cars. Using a ghost car to draft "through" during an event is never allowed.
When passing a ghost car the same moves must be used, for example:pull out and pass clean, as would be used on any other solid car. A pass into a corner that would not work on a solid car is not to be attempted against a ghost car, the fact that you will not make contact with a ghost if you go wide is NEVER justification for making a passing move on a ghost that you could not make on a solid car.
Drivers who find themselves driving a ghost car will adhere to the same rules and principles, you are to drive as though your car is solid at all times. During events there is to be no exceptions.
Whether in a ghost car or not, you are taking part in the same event as all other drivers in the field.
All drivers have the right to race for position, regardless of what that position may be, backmarkers may be in a race for position too, so everyone has to be allowed to carry on their racing, even if that gets them mixed in with the leaders.
If they can pass the leaders back, they should be allowed to do so cleanly.

4. Voice Communications

VOIP servers are provided free of charge courtesy of the TPRA and are made available to anyone who wishes to use them providing they adhere to the following guidelines:

• All drivers using voice communications are at no time permitted to be abusive to another driver. Failure to adhere to this guideline can result in a temporary or permanent ban from the server. This includes, but is not limited to, name calling, yelling, or any other use of derogatory terms towards another member whether they are present or not.

• Being disruptive is not permitted and can result in being warned and/or banned either temporarily or permanently from using the service.

• Spamming the chat, or posting inappropriate or offensive links can also result in a warning, which could will lead to either a temporary or permanent ban.

• Broadcasting is strictly prohibited.

5. XMB Communications

XMB communications are used to conduct race coordination and are a integral part of our score keeping process. All drivers will be invited to a text chat set up by the TPRA for the division they have qualified in for that particular event.. This chat will be used to post start times and collect race information by the event hosts.

6. The most important of all: race clean, be respectful and HAVE FUN! And If you have a question ask it !

Code of conduct and terms of service enforcement: Drivers violating the Online Code of Conduct, or the TPRA terms of
service are subject to disciplinary action.
Such actions can include, but are not limited to, being black flagged and unable to participate in hosted online
events, being black flagged from Teamspeak or black flagged from the forum.

Once listed as black flagged, the duration of the suspension, area in which it applies and the reason will be noted.
Any driver on a black flag list may request a meeting with TPRA staff to request early suspension removal.
The TPRA based on that meeting reserves the right to, reduce, remove or increase the duration of the suspension at
it's discretion, on a case by case basis.
Being placed in PARC FERMÉ status means exclusion from, hosted events, TeamSpeak as well as the TPRA forum.
If the driver is placed in PARC FERMÉ status, it is then mandatory for that person to contact the TPRA
and request a meeting before being considered for removal from PARC FERMÉ status.

That will provide an opportunity to not only explain your side, but for us to explain our position as well.
Based on that meeting, the TPRA will decide whether to, remove the driver from black flag status, impose a set time
frame for suspension, or deny the request to participate and ask that the driver reapply after an appropriate period
of time.
NO DRIVER will be removed from PARC FERMÉ status without first meeting with TPRA officials.

As stated, the TPRA threads in the PSU forums fall under the scope of the the TPRA code of conduct.
Disrespectful or disruptive comments will be taken notice of, and the report abuse to moderator function will be used
when appropriate.
Providing the moderators of those forums choose to enforce their own code of conduct the TPRA will have no need to
utilize the TPRA code of conduct to place any restrictions.
Should the moderators of those forums choose not to take appropriate action, the TPRA reserves the right to take any
such action as is deemed necessary to protect the integrity, competitive and cooperative nature of TPRA events.
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Online Racing Code of Conduct
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