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PostSubject: RPM, Race Points Manager, League Management System   RPM, Race Points Manager, League Management System I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 14, 2009 4:33 pm

In Aug. 2009 the TPRA teamed up with RPM to provide our event participants with the most complete results data and drivers career statistics to date.
We are the first Playstation Gran Turismo based racing community to join the hundreds of PC based simulation, and real life racing organizations currently using RPM to manage their race statistics database.
The TPRA web site is currently being rebuilt from scratch to integrate the RPM database.
The project proves to be very exciting as event staff make new discoveries and make them available to the drivers.
As we work to rebuild the site we ask that you be patient, there is a huge amount of data produced by the RPM database and understanding how our inputs affect its output is still being investigated and developed to fit our needs.
Drivers will be required to register before being able to take part in TPRA events, a valid email address must be used as this is how you will recieve your start times and other relevant info.
Requiring all drivers to be registered will go a long way towards providing the clean, fair, exciting racing that is the hallmark of TPRA events, as there are more tools in place that will allow us to address concerns and complaints.

The RPM Registration process is the first step in participating in any TPRA event, hosted using RPM.
Anyone regardless of any other affiliations is welcome to participate.
We encourage team drivers to register using their team tags.
It is a one time process that takes no more than 2 minutes to complete.
Once your registration has been activated by one of the event staff you will be able to enter any TPRA hosted events.
This includes point series , practice sessions, open track sessions and the racing school sessions. (not all are available at this time)
For points series a driver will still need to submit a qualifying form but all un scored events hosted by the TPRA such as Sucka-Free Sundays , practice sessions ,open track sessions and the racing school sessions can be done by the driver when he is logged into the RPM database.
This is explained in Event registration. Event registrations must be submitted prior to 3:00 AM EDT the day of the event to receive instructions and start times for the event.
This information will be sent to the E mail address that you supplied when you registered with the RPM data base.

To register your self in the RPM data base use the “Register” button under RPM links on the TunersPit website.

While at the registration form there are information buttons to the right of the entry fields that explain how your information should be entered.
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RPM, Race Points Manager, League Management System
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